Digimon Plush Hoard


6th July 2020
Just a reminder! Please do not ask me about buying anything pictured here. When I am ready to sell, I will list an email here. After today, I will not be responding to messages asking to sell. I will still respond to those looking for general information on them!

7th July 2019
As of right now, I can no longer afford to collect Digimon plushies. Whilst some of my collection may be for sale in the future, they are presently staying put with me, so please do not ask for prices. And yes, there are some still not pictured. Consider this a reference for Digimon plush lovers!

Digimon Plushies

Agumon (European/USA) Plush
10 x Agumon

Agumon (Japan) Plush
12 x Agumon

Greymon Plush
12x Greymon

Other Agumon evo Plush
3x Koromon
2x Metalgreymon
1x Blackwargreymon (+ 1 DX lottery not shown)
1x Wargreymon

Gabumon Plush
14x Gabumon

Gabumon Evo Plush
3x Garurumon
2x Tsunomon
1x Yuramon
1x Weregarurumon
1x Metalgarurumon

Patamon & Evo Plush
20x Patamon
3x Tokomon
2x Pegasusmon
1x Angemon

Gomamon & Evo Plush
7x Gomamon
4x Tsunomon
1x Marineangemon
1x Ikkakumon

Biyomon & Evo Plush
11x Biyomon

Palmon & Evo Plush
14x Palmon
4x Tanemon
3x Togemon

Tentomon & Evo Plush
3x Motimon
1x Kabuterimon

Gatomon & Evo Plush
12x Gatomon
2x Salamon
1x Digi-Egg

Veemon & Evo Plush
11x Veemon
3x Chibimon
3x Exveemon
2x Flamedramon
1x Raidramon
1x Chicomon
1x Veedramon

Armadillomon & Evo Plush
6x Armadillomon
1 x Ankylomon
3x Upaamon
1x Digi-Egg
1 x Digmon

Hawkmon & Evo Plush
8 x Hawkmon
3x Poyromon
2 x Halsemon
1 x Aquilamon

Wormmon & Evo Plush
3x Wormmon

Guilmon & Evo Plush
5x Guilmon
1 x Growlmon

Terrimon & Evo Plush
6x Terriermon
1x Gargomon

Renamon & Evo Plush
3x Renamon
1x Kyuubimon

Impmon & Calumon Plush
4x Impmon
4x Calumon

Other Digimon Plush
2x Agumon (Digimon Savers)
1x Frigimon
1x Piximon
1x Bokomon
1x Wolfmon
1x Gaomon

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